Diving Deep Into New Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Lore And Particulars (No Leaks)


The February 2023 Nintendo Direct lastly dropped the largest trailer thus far. Whereas we nonetheless don’t have any clue what the sport is definitely about, they at the very least confirmed far more of Hyrule on this trailer than some other trailer thus far. This was adopted shortly after by a big (and seemingly legit) leak, filled with spoilers for the anticipated recreation. Relaxation assured we aren’t going into any data from the leak right here, and as an alternative focusing solely on what Nintendo has formally introduced. Particularly, we’re taking a fine-toothed comb to the latest trailer and analyzing it alongside data from earlier trailers and our encyclopedic information of Breath of the Wild. There’s rather a lot to unpack for eagle-eyed followers, and we’re right here to information you thru all of it.

Whereas a ton of recent options have been proven right here, we nonetheless don’t know a lot about what is occurring within the recreation, how fight mechanics are returning, and far more. We are going to doubtless have to attend till one other grand reveal earlier than the sport’s launch on Might 12, 2023. Within the meantime, let’s return shot by shot, and break down the whole lot within the newest trailer for Tears of the Kingdom. Remember to take a look at our full video breakdown for much more element.

The primary photographs begin off pretty sluggish, solely displaying us a few new issues. This angle dealing with Demise Mountain from Mabe prairie exhibits extra spiral patterns on the bottom that we’ve seen in earlier trailers. The lightning additionally has a slight inexperienced tinge, often lightning has a extra of an off-white-ish shade in Breath of the Wild so this might not be a traditional thunderstorm. All through the trailer there are dozens of examples of unusual boulders, piles of malice, and new buildings that repeat themselves, so I gained’t go an excessive amount of into it since we already know the land of Hyrule has modified fairly a bit.

The army coaching camp subsequent to Korok forest, with out the Sheikah tower, is now infested with the brand new longhorn bokoblins, and a brand new flying enemy sort seen in a earlier trailer as properly. Beforehand regarded as Kargaroks, these appear to be completely new enemies. Since they appear to be plentiful in Hyrule by the quantity of instances they present up on this trailer, they’re more likely to be our new frequent annoyance whereas touring downwards or upwards, and we’ll doubtless get into a lot of aerial fight with them.

The realm between Tabantha and Hebra vary is proven subsequent, with two shining towers connected with spotlights. We additionally get a better look of a circling storm surrounding Hebra Peak. With one other floor design seen once more from earlier trailers, the aim for all of those nonetheless goes unexplained. Do take into account these tower’s shapes and colours although, as a result of you will note them once more later within the video. One factor to level out is that Vah Medoh is lacking from its perch right here above Rito Village, and we nonetheless don’t know what occurred to the Divine Beasts.

It begins to choose up a bit right here, as we get to see some unusual floor formations which can be fully distinctive from Breath of the Wild. In addition to this sq. platform right here, and the bottom image from the earlier shot, you may see this construction North of Gisa Crater sitting on high of Cuho Mountain with a middle and sections that jut out in numerous instructions. That is fascinating as a result of that is the biggest new construction we’ve seen on the bottom flooring to date.

That is when it begins to get fascinating. With each trailer underground exploration grew to become teased increasingly more, and now it’s a confirmed actuality. On this shot we see a Longhorn Bokoblin with a backpack and rock hammer chipping away at an everyday ore. Whereas we are able to’t see upwards to verify the cavern ceiling, you may just about verify it from the background audio right here, which has reverb to match its cave setting, which might be a brand new addition audio smart since even Breath of the Wild’s underground location didn’t account for this type of audio.

You may as well see Longhorn Lilzalfos outfitted with throwing spears and Lizal Bows, and coated in rising malice, doubtless all empowered by the brand new villain. There are additionally new swimming pools of malice that line the bottom as properly. In addition to the brand new vegetation and alien wanting timber within the background, blue hearth dots the bottom to the proper facet. These will-o-wisp sort fires may probably be Poe, however are extra doubtless one thing seen earlier than in Twilight Princess, souls as seen within the Twilight Realm. We now have seen a number of Twilight references together with Skyward references in earlier trailers, so we’ll see how this all connects.

This shot from Hylia Island searching in the direction of Hyrule fortress and Demise Mountain has two notable options. On the left you may see a brand new construction on high of this hill, and what appears to be like like a gap within the hillside main more likely to an underground space. On the proper facet is a monstrous creature that’s almost definitely to be a Gleeok, a multi headed dragon that spits hearth from Zelda 1. If true, this is able to be its first return to the Zelda collection for the reason that very first recreation. We additionally get a glimpse of a blue tower behind the Gleeok, which we’ll get again to in a second.

This digital camera angle overlooks Hateno Village wanting southwest in the direction of the Faron area. Once more we see one other spiral construction, and new glowing teepee like buildings dotting the primary village, with no rationalization nonetheless on what they’re. One final thing on this shot to mull over right here is that overworld Sheikah expertise remains to be clearly lacking, the traditional furnace right here is gone, and Sheikah towers and shrines are nonetheless absent. However one thing unusual is right here. Once more, this blue construction within the far background close to Braveness Steppe, is extremely more likely to be the identical construction because the red-orange tower right here earlier than. So this will imply that unlocking Sheikah expertise should play a key position within the sequel, despite the fact that it isn’t a significant mechanic anymore.

The following a number of photographs present the blood moon turning right into a darkish crimson earlier than Ganon launches an assault in opposition to Hyrule. Hyrule Fort itself has a big crust of malice surrounding it, in addition to the bridge to Zelda’s Research damaged fully.

Then a volley of malice souls are despatched in the direction of the Nice Plateau, touchdown proper above Mount Hylia. Once more, one of many spiral buildings seems, seemingly changing Jee Noh Shrine’s location. However one thing is amiss right here, this south wall doesn’t appear as if this in-game, that is fully coated in snow and broken right here, so it is extremely doubtless this cutscene occurred prior to now, and Breath of the Wild’s nice plateau is the aftermath a few years later.

An explosion follows up, however might be a unique cutscene completely, as the bottom appears to be like just like the large sandy areas of the Gerudo Desert. What’s enveloped within the explosion is a thriller although as we are able to barely make out a big enemy with what appears to be like like 4 guardian-like arms and big claws.

Magma stuffed rocks start to crumble, doubtless a separate occasion from the fortress crumbling scene that follows. So far as we are able to inform, Demise Mountain’s lava appears to be in-active, so we’ll see how lava and magma typically performs a task in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Nice Plateau seems once more, and a pair issues could be picked out right here. Easy issues just like the Sheikah Tower lacking and one other floor design seems once more. However you may as well catch issues like extra flat patches of malice close to beforehand Oman Au shrine, and the earlier shot of the Gleeok guarding the Bridge of Hylia is nowhere to be discovered. One other fascinating factor is guardians are by no means seen in Tears of the Kingdom to date, however not even their destroyed our bodies exist. A number of guardians our bodies often litter this poolside in Breath of the Wild, whereas they’re fully lacking right here. Whether or not it is associated to time, sheikah expertise’s absence, or another occasion, it is nonetheless unexplained, so we’ll have to attend and see.

We see a observe up shot to the blood moon volley we noticed earlier than, with Bokoblins coming to life out of the blobs of malice that come down, outfitted with serrated horns as an alternative of simply regular longhorns we’ve seen to date. They land proper on high of the Nice Plateau wall.

Then we see lots of Hyrule’s new monsters, with a number of newcomers. That is the primary we see of those new Large Bokoblins, and in line with the official Zelda Japan twitter, they’re merely known as “Boss Bokoblins”. They resemble a mashup of Wind Waker model Moblins with Breath of the Wild’s bokoblins with a toothed crown. Then we get our first take a look at a Tears of the Kingdom’s re-dead, a zombie-like creature that has appeared in most main Zelda titles. Seeing as they’ve a historical past of creepily latching onto Hyperlink. I’m not wanting ahead to seeing that once more with its terrifying new jaws. The Bokoblin and Lizalfos additionally sport new horn items.

Hyperlink then rides off close to the newly lifted Hyrule Fort on what appears to be like like Epona, which is fascinating as a result of Epona was not straightforward to make canon into the story of Breath of the Wild because it was locked behind an Amiibo. And reminiscences in Breath of the Wild confirmed Hyperlink on a considerably generic horse, and making Epona canon now must make us surprise what the Epona amiibo can be used for now, however we’ll should see. We once more see the circling storm above Hebra, and probably a brand new constructing in entrance of the Hyrule Fort Gates on the left.

Then we see a shot from the Nice Plateau wanting down Oseira Plains, and what appears to be like like a malice wildfire within the distance. It is arduous to inform however there could also be a Molduga’s head protruding of the bottom right here.

Hyperlink stands on high of a journey gate getting surrounded by Guardian-like arms, with information rails on the facet that doubtless make this elevator go upwards. The one arm in entrance of Hyperlink holds a spool hooked to a wire that feeds down beneath the platform, however we don’t know why it is handing this machine to Hyperlink. From what I’m seeing right here, I personally have some Robbie or Purah vibes from this scene, probably dealing with gear to Hyperlink to assist them arrange a tool. That is additionally one of many first instances we see Guardian expertise again in Tears of the Kingdom, so this can be Robbie or Purah’s fiddling. One other essential factor to level out is that this Sheikah platform right here which writes “Transport” repeating alongside the edges. This isn’t the Sheikah Tower journey gate, slightly that is the Divine Beast journey gate, which has the identical inscription as properly. Since these have been solely discovered on divine beasts, and Zelda said within the secret Breath of the Wild ending that the divine beast Vah Ruta has stopped working, and all Divine Beasts are lacking, this will have been salvaged tech ripped off of a divine beast, which but once more appears like one thing Pura or Robbie would do.

This location is the Baobab Tree space between the Gerudo Highlands and Satori Mountain. We then see a pack of bokoblins with the Boss Bokoblin prepared for battle. The weapon is difficult to make out, however from the small particulars we see the Boss Bokoblin wielding a malice corrupted Troopers Claymore in a single hand. Tears of the Kingdom additionally appears to be ramping up its enemy with enemy teamwork interactions such because the Boss Bokoblin commanding the Bokoblins to assault all of sudden. It might change into a scenario the place taking out a frontrunner will trigger the enemy squad to change into uncoordinated, just like Halo video games with grunts and elites. One other actually cool factor to level out right here is that they’re utilizing an asset that we by no means received in Breath of the Wild, this scrap metallic horn. This was in improvement within the first recreation as a Lynel horn, however by no means made it to the ultimate launch. Now this metallic horn involves life within the palms of this new enemy.

Hinox makes a return to Tears of the Kingdom, this one sporting some type of jelly substance on its necklace and a foolish wanting hat.

Hyperlink then takes us on a pair panorama photographs over the Seres Scablands and an in depth up of a floor design on the North Hyrule Plain. Once more, in each shot it appears there’s barely altered terrain littered in every single place, so we gained’t go on stating each single one.

The following shot factors us eastward between the Korok Forest and Typhlo Ruins, which appears to have misplaced its shrouded black cowl. We nonetheless do not have a transparent view of The Korok Forest or the good deku tree, which remains to be probably lacking from a earlier trailer. We additionally get to see one other enemy with enemy interplay of those new flying sorts carrying bokoblins. With the Talus bokoblin sniper fort, bokoblin coordinated assaults, and these flying sorts carrying Bokoblins, Tears of the Kingdom is certainly ramping up its enemy intelligence in fascinating methods. You additionally get a small closeup of the bokoblin’s stone axe, a weapon doubtless wieldable by one hand with Hyperlink, which might be a primary, since we solely had two handed axes in Breath of the Wild. Additionally take into account that now we have but to see any Dragonbone weapons in any respect to date, which is fascinating and should tie into the lore behind dragons afterward.

Wanting southwest from Samasa Plain, we see a Moblin selecting itself up. Whereas I initially thought that it was the conventional getup animation, it is really the tail finish of a brand new headbutt assault animation, which is sensible with its terrifying new helmet it is sporting, I’m certain it could harm. Because the digital camera pans left, we see a glimpse of a brand new enemy cranium encampment with scaffolding on high, this time with a nostril.

A towering new blocky Zonai enemy then assaults Hyperlink. You possibly can see some dragon-type inspirations on the blocks on its arms. I think about these blocks are climbable and this can go down similar to a Shadow of the Colossus combat, with its shiny weak spot conveniently positioned up excessive. Not fairly certain if that Rusty Broadsword you’re carrying is gonna do a lot Hyperlink.

We then see extra lacking photographs of the supposed Ganondorf waking out of his slumber. Whereas it is barely extra context, it’s simply extra photographs of the identical scenario proven in earlier trailers.

Extra photographs of the open world, from proper close to loss of life mountain. And whereas we consistently see new islands within the background of every new trailer, this shot has lots of them collectively, comparable to the large dice, the multi-level island. Additionally, moreover the cyclone round Hebra lacking once more, the islands up right here attain up to an enormous top, actually giving the scope and scale to a few of these sky islands.

Hyperlinks skydives but once more, dropping down across the Dueling peaks space. From right here you may see this pool of malice north of Breman Peak, and the identical unusual tower poking out of the Faron area once more.

Going for a pleasant hike alongside Sahasra Slope, it is principally extra of belongings you’ve seen earlier than: floor designs, cubes within the sky, towers and an upgraded enemy camp subsequent to Nabi Lake.

Hyperlink then shoots a balloon sort arrow which robotically houses in on the enemy. It is arduous to inform if it is Hyperlink’s new arm that permits this skill however gentle inexperienced vitality does cost up earlier than the shot. The truth that this additionally robotically goes for the top for essential injury could possibly be nice for making non-bullet time headshots rely. That is proper in the course of Salari Plain dealing with east.

Defend browsing makes a return, and seemingly having the ability to magnetically connect to metallic rails. That is on Demise Mountain by the way in which, which because it’s inactive and stuffed with malice, could be walked round with out fireproof gear now. A Bokoblin right here wields a rusty claymore, extra mining carts with no bomb cage since we don’t have distant bombs anymore, picket partitions, doubtless blocking protect browsing however could be rammed by way of with carts, and a Moblin archer. Whereas Moblins did have bows in Breath of the Wild, they by no means had the sentry job of being a lookout for encampments. There are additionally suspicious wanting wheels or followers positioned in a number of spots, with photographs coming later it may imply one thing huge.

Hyperlink then grabs a gyro with a brand new talent the arm hasn’t proven but, a telekinesis sort skill. That is more likely to substitute magnesis since properly, we do not have the Sheikah slate anymore.

Hyperlink then does a two-handed leaping assault with this unusual weapon. We predict that is really two completely different gadgets, the employees perhaps one piece connected to a canon on the finish however there’s no concrete proof but. One factor we are able to level out is that the identical broom brand discovered earlier is discovered on this creature in a earlier trailer, this perhaps some type of connection or energy image.

Then a mysterious girl seems. With the quantity of knowledge we presently have, there isn’t any option to pinpoint who that is. Theories comparable to Zelda, Hylia herself, or another person completely, we’ll simply have to attend and see.

Once more, Hyperlink makes use of telekinesis to carry up a mechanical wheel out of the Nice Plateau’s mud pit, and you may make out a brand new model of treasure chest on this tiny island as properly.

Then Hyperlink seems on a automobile, on a scorching air balloon, and on a hovercraft. By the way in which they’re presenting this, these machines appear to be buildable relying on items you discover throughout your adventures, particularly for the reason that base portion with vertical handlebars and white platform are shared throughout every machine. The headlights are additionally the identical egg/flower form discovered on this robotic in a earlier trailer.

We then lastly arrive at this shot of Hyperlink driving, probably Epona driving eastward. A number of malice swimming pools dot the left facet together with a Hylian encampment. Humorous factor is, after 5 trailers, that is the primary time we ever see an NPC, somebody with topknot wanting onward. Nintendo is maintaining their playing cards near their chest in terms of some other characters in Tears of the Kingdom, and that is essentially the most we’ve ever gotten on that entrance. A chunk of sky island falls from the sky, confirming our suspicion earlier than of utilizing time reversal on fallen items to rise upwards.

The final shot exhibits once more extra context to how the preliminary showdown between Hyperlink, Zelda and this Ganondorf determine went. You possibly can see malice grip the grasp sword from the primary strike in a earlier trailer, and as Ganondorf goes for a second serving to, Hyperlink drops the Grasp Sword and goes for Princess Zelda, everyone knows how that went.

Nintendo then determined to launch a number of screenshots and social media posts that confirmed only a tad extra, with key ones like this image of Zelda with in all probability a Sheikah slate. The Sheikah slate in Breath of the Wild was based mostly on the WiiU GamePad, so only a small concept is that this could possibly be a re-engineered slate from Purah or Robbie utilizing the physique of a change to maintain up with the instances. This additionally proves that Zelda survived the autumn and has some gameplay implications. One other exhibits a wider sky islands panorama shot that clearly exhibits Farosh within the distance, and this Zonai creature once more however with this sq. platform, which is proven on this shot as properly. Amiibo’s may even unlock particular paraglider skins.


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